Venerable Thor Bunthoeun

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Venerable Bunthoeun Thor, the the abbot of Wat Samakkidhamikaram, wearing a new winter clothing offered by some active members of Wat Jotanaram

The abbot of Wat Samakkidhamikaram in Brooklyn with a new winter clothing is standing in front of the Buddhist altar of Wat Jotanaram in the Bronx. Active members of Wat Jotanaram saw him wearing unappropriate winter clothing during ceremonies at Wat Jotanaram. Mrs. Sreng Kim raised $ 300 from her coworkers and Buddhist friends and bought a coat, a hat, and a scarf to offer him on Saturday evening, March 05, 2011.
This donation is an additional unity activity between Wat Jotanaram and Wat Samakkidhamikaram.
May all members of the two temple strenthen and spread the unity for the prosperity of our whole community continuously.
With Khmer Soul,
Ven. Kandaal Puoch

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