Upasika Yong

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Mrs. Yong was dead on Monday, March 26, 2011 in Cambodia. She was born in Konkhlong village, Konkhlong commune, Mongrusey district, Battambang province, Cambodia. Two daughters she has with her ex-husband Sruoch are Mrs. Rasmey Chay and Mrs. Chantra Chay. Three children she has with her today husband Oeub are Mr. Tola Oeub, Miss. Samang Oeub, and Miss. Sreypeo Oeub. She is the leader of her family all the time within any regims. Her daughter Chantra Chay is the only daughter who can help her mentally and physically. Mrs. Chantra says”my mother did not care about herself but did care very much about her children and husband, she did not spend money i offered her to buy medicine but did spend for those others, she died a few months after being diagnosed.” What a sacrificial mother she is! This is the uncompareable unaccountable quality of parenthood toward  children. Buddha! now who can replace her position to make the family live further. Nowadays all son and daughters are under responsibility of her daughter Chantra living in the United States. How sacrifice she does!  Mrs. Chantra Chay and her husband Yoeub Chay held ceremony for her after her death six days on Saturday, March 05, 2011.

On behalf of the board, I would like to share mental physicial suffering with you and wish you to be successful in making money for supporting sisters, brother back home, and family here.

with Khmer Buddhism,

Venerable Kandaal


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