New Year 2007

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Mrs. Suos, Tek is very generous clergyman of Wat Jotanaram I have never seen since 2001. He is very proud of being Khmer

Mr. Suos, Tek is an official clergyman of Wat Jotanram from September 15, 2006 through October 01, 2010 because of his death. He is in black sitting during the first day of Khmer New Year  at Wat Jotanaram. Behind next to him there are three American families who adopt Cambodian daughters, and son usually come to Wat Jotanaram. 1. Her name is Ingrid Mueller and her adopted son is Sambath Gabriel. 2. Her name is Nancy, and her adopted daughter is Soriya Matthews. 3. I do not know yet. I will find out later.

These pictures were taken in Wat Jotanaram and in Our Lady Refuge Parish Center during Khmer New Year three days 2007.

Good follow good, bad follow bad.

I am very appreciated for your generosity.

with Buddhism,

Venerable Kandaal Puoch


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