Upasika Lim Sarun

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Mrs. Lim Sarun Rested in Peace at 83

Mrs. Sarun Lim was born in Traping Pou village, Choeng Tong commune, Tramkak district, Takeo province, Kingdom of Cambodia. She died at 12: 30 pm on December 08, 2010 in hospital, Connecticut State.  Her husband Sot Peo died at 84 in hospital, Connecticut State on August 03, 2003 at 3:00 pm. Mrs. Sarun Lim and Mr. Sot Peo  have lelf one son and four daughters parentless.1. Sarin Peo daughter 2. Sophal Peo son in Cambodia 3. Sreymom Peo dead daughter 4. Chanta Peo daughter 5. Sinat Peo daughter.

Ceremonial Organizers: 1. Mr. Ngorn Um 2. Mrs. Peo Sot 3. Sim Duk 4.Mrs. Chantha Sok 5. Mr. San Thai
Dedicated Ancestors:
1. Sarun Lim mother 2. Sot Peo father 3. Yoeun Yan wife 4. Phon Duk father 5. Rim mother 6. Roeun aunt 7. Kang brother 8. Phim brother 9. Pet aunt 10. Kuoy uncle 11. Touch grand mother 12. Than Chan son.
Congratulation on your good deeds. I have seen you love your parents and others very much during living and dying. Love makes people unite and help each other for harmony, prosperity, peace, and happiness. I wish you to keep doing this as much as possible. May all parents, children, and ancestors love and help each other forever.
with Khmer soul,
Venerable Kandaal Puoch

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