Upasak E Ean

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Ean E died at 65 in the Bronx, New York

Mr. Ean E was born in Sleng village, Kdeydong commune, Stengsen disctrict, Kompongthom province, Cambodia. He is the only child of his family. His father is E, his mother is Chim. His mother died in Sihanouk regime, his father died in Pol Pol regime. He lelf his wife Soeum Keo widow, six sons and one daughter fatherless 1. son Oun E 2. son Oeun E 3. son Ol E 4. son Kiman E 5. son Sina E 6. son Nat E 7. daughter Linda E.

This information is to invinte you to the anniversary to give Dhanna, to observe precepts, to pray Triple Gems, to listen to Dhamma, and to dedicate your good deeds to her and your individual ancestors.
Cambodian food is free.
May all Cambodians be friendly and helpful for social harmony and prosperity.
with Buddhism,
Ven. Kandaal Puoch

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