Kathina Dana


បុណ្យកឋិនទានផ្តើមដោយប្រធាន ដួង ចំរើន ភរិយា ឡុង គឹមហឿន កូនប្រុសស្រីបងប្ធូននិងញាតិមិត្ត​


១ ឧបាសិកា ម៉ម អឿន ២ ឧបាសិកា ឡុង គឹម ហឿន ៣ ឧប្រធាន ដួង ចំរើន

From left to right

1. Upasika Ma, Oeun 2. Upasika Long, Kimhoeun 3 President Duong, Chamroeun

Kathina Dana has been celebrated since Buddha was alive. He allowed monks and lay Buddhists to hold this ceremony. It can be celebrated only 29 days from the first old moon day of tenth month in lunar calendar to full moon day of eleventh month in lunar calendar. This ceremony can be only celebrated for at least five monk during the event.


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