Board members and active supportive Buddhists

Board members and active supportive Buddhists

This picture is in front of Buddha altar in the first floor.

  • President Duong, Chamroeun
  • Vice-President Samrith, Chot
  • Clergyman Oum, Okkasen
  • Upasak Som, Sambo
  • Upasika Kim, Sreng
  • Upasika Mam, Oeun
  • Upasika Long, Kim Hoeun
  • Upasika Ream, Narom

Actually when donation is made by donors freely happily, donors traditionally do not keep caring about their donation because donation is a way to reduce and end miserliness for opening minds more widely wisely with full Brahm Vihara.

In contrary, donation is also a negative way when some people apply it to commit crime and destroy good deeds possibly. So each temple should maintain and encourage good deeds by keeping and showing clear accounting publicly.

I always mentally verbally physically try to give clear accounting in folders as much as possible. Now I will post those on our website whenever I can since BE 2559 AD 2015.

This is one of my plans making our temple able to be improved and developed day by day as seen.

Please give me commend for improving and developing our temple and community more faster properly.

with Dhamma and Khmer soul,

Venerable Kandaal