Pchum Ben 2557


  • Cambodian Buddhists believe that their ancestors are released from Peta during 15 days of Phchum Ben ceremony.

According to Derokudi Sutta, those ancestors come from temple to temple to look for their relatives and have food there. If their relatives do not go to the temple for offering food to the monks and dedicating that good deed for those ancestors during this ceremony, the ancestors have nothing to eat and are angry with the relatives. Because those ancestors are angry, their relatives meet a lot of problems in every day life.

Indeed, we cannot have wisdom to see clearly the abstract meaning of this story, but the reality is that we are doing merits for ourselves, our ancestors, and others in this world and next world. We come to the temple to chant together, to offer food and money to the monks or elders for maintaining the temple, to listen to sermon and Suttas from the monks, to keep friendship, and to make friends for peace, happiness, and social harmony.

So, please participate in Phchum Ben ceremony any day among  16 days of this traditional event at the Khmer Buddhist Society, Inc. Bronx, New York 10458 from 8:30 am to 12:00 noon every day.

Click link below to read detail in Khmer and English. Thank you very much and see you then.



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