Practicing Meditation

Buddhism is a freedom of sufferings. People who believe in Buddhism practice themselves to free from mental physical suffering. They watch carefully their minds, their speeches, and their bodies according to Buddhist disciplines and natural truth. The disciplines and natural truth are applied with Buddhist wisdom to fight against greed, anger, and delusion.

There are three ways to live our lives to reduce and get rid of greed, anger, and delusion.

Lay Buddhist people:

1. Practice offering ” Dana ” to reduce and eliminate greed for kindness and    generosity.

2. Practice being disciplined ” Sila ” to reduce and free anger, hatred, and jealousy for being no more revenge.

3. Practice meditation ” Bhavana ” to check and see the truths and have wisdom for getting rid of the smallest defilement.

Monks practice every day beside morning and evening chanting:

1. Practice being disciplined ” Sila”

2. Practice right concentration “Samathi”

3. Practice wisdom ” Pannha “


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