Learning Khmer Language


Khmer language is one part of Khmer soul. It is the first step that we  live our lives to understand each other very well through loving-kindness, compassion, sympathetic joy, and tranquility.

We are Cambodian-Americans who have crossed so much suffering back then in Cambodia. This is the most meaningful and effective experience in our lives because we can take this experience as an example and answer the questions” What, Why, When, Who, and Where” we were born with.

Buddha found the four noble truths, freed all suffering, reached Nibbana, and taught other living beings for establishing the same because of seeing the suffering.

So, we should learn Khmer language to understand what it really means to us and answer those questions above because we cannot get rid of what we were born with, such as body, shape, color, blood, race, and culture.

Hopefully, you enjoy every time you learn Khmer language.


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