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Vesak Puja 2559

Vesak Day is a day Buddha was born, enlightened, and Nibbana passed away. This event is celebrated for memory above three days.

Vesak Day is a day Buddha was born, enlightened, and passed away. This event is traditionally celebrated for memory above three deeply meaningful days.

Your are cordially invited to Vesak Puja as scheduled below:

This year Vesak Puja is celebrated on Friday evening and Saturday morning 01 and 02 May 2015.

  • Friday evening from 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

Preparing food, having Khmer free food, chanting Triple Gems, observing precepts, Paritta Suttas, Dhamma Desna, and dedication.

  • Saturday morning from 8:30 am to 12:00 pm

Offering donation, chanting Triple Gems, observing precepts, alms bowl, sharing meritorious deeds with ancestors, having lunch together, and Vesak Puja process.

Appreciate and thanks in advance,

Ven. Kandaal, the abbot


Khmer New Year 2559











Happy Khmer New Year to you all ( Year Of The Goat ) BE 2559 AD 2015

Fundraising for Wat Ratanaram 2558

It is a great work to unite temple and temple in Tri State Area. It is our duty for life in the interests of Khmer soul.

Congratulation on your great generosity,

with Dhamma and Khmer soul,

Ven. Kandaal

100 Day Ceremony

You are cordially invited to 100 day ceremony of Nhoum Chan Seang, a husband of Nhoum Ream Narom on Friday evening 03-04 April 2015 at our temple. On behalf of her, appreciate and thanks for doing meritorious deeds together in advance.

Nhoum Chan Seang passed away at age 80 on Sunday 04 January 2015 at Nursing Home at 8:20 AM. He was one of the founders of Wat Jotanaram during 1984-1985. He was born on 03 January 1935 – Dead on 04 January 2015.

10914951_1540787452863922_6482068794888075296_o copy


He is a husband of Mrs. Tim Sangvan and a former police officer in New York City. The music in this video was deleted because of copyrights. It was uploaded for dedicating to his 100 day ceremony on 28 February 2015.

May he receive all meritorious deeds we have done and shared and free from all suffering. We love you forever.

Donation for the Poorest

This donation Venerable Thor Bunthoeun offered two times.

1.   $ 200 donation from Mrs. Thach Kimlang was recently offered to the poorest already.

2. $ 240 donation will be offered again to the poorest before a few days he is leaving Phnom Penh for the United States on 09 March 2015.

This generosity is just for showing we here care about the poor and innocent Khmer people there and help Cambodian government develop the country.

May you Khmer people free from invasion and dictatorship for real loving and developing our country by ourselves.


Khmer History

Khmer could be enlarged, developed, and civilized by one strong powerful king or leader. He was basically a strong fighter, skillful leader, religious believer, and nationalist.



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